Tips on installing and using radiators
Pay attention to the following five links when installing and using heating radiators:
1. Clear purchase principles. To select and purchase radiators, you must choose a business with a fixed location, strong strength, sales, specification, scale, installation, quality inspection, after-sales service and other integrated services, and a good brand image and integrity.
2. Before deciding to purchase and replace a new type of heating radiator, be sure to understand the heating system (including heating method) and indoor wall conditions (thin walls, insulation walls, etc.) of the living quarter, and "prescribe the right medicine" according to the specific situation. Purchase and install a radiator suitable for the room conditions. Get a comprehensive understanding of the residential area.
3. Be sure to keep people in the home during the heating test. Check whether the various joints are loose and leaking during the heating process and after the heating is shut down. Professionals dismantled and changed the heating system without permission. Safe to use.
4. When calculating the amount of radiator used, various factors that affect the room temperature should be considered, and the principle of "bigger, not small" should be adhered to to avoid the phenomenon of low room temperature. Purchase according to the actual situation.
5. When installing a new type of heating radiator, a professional and responsible enterprise should be invited to carry out the construction, so that the quality and service life of the radiator can be guaranteed; in addition, the installation and construction should be faced with a scientific attitude, and professional and technical personnel should be respected and listened to. Don’t be greedy for cheap, good-looking, trouble-free and do whatever you want. Hire professionals to install.