Warranty and after-sales scope

It is limited to the "HARDER" radiator and the accessories with the "HARDER" trademark, and the loss caused by leakage or water leakage caused by raw materials or processing defects under the specified working conditions.

No warranty is given in the following cases

1. Losses due to installation reasons and installation of other non-heat sink products are not covered.
2. Losses caused by improper use, vandalism, and force majeure are not covered.
3. For the installation and quality assurance of special places, the agreement should be specified. Our company's responsibility does not include non-replicable items such as cultural relics, key facilities and equipment and related losses.
4. Radiators purchased without the authorized channels authorized by German Harder Operation Center (China). are not covered by the insurance.4. Radiators purchased without informal channels authorized by the German Harder Operation Center are not covered.