Product height

The total height of the product is 5mm higher than that of the ordinary product. The height of the center is 5mm higher than other products. The material is sufficient to ensure the maximum heat output. The heat dissipation is 5% higher than that of the ordinary product (HARDER: H1-550mm H-605mm). Brand: H1-545mm H-600mm)

Net cover design

The drop-shaped design of the top grille allows the air to pass through the top grid after heating, increasing the heat output. The output air quickly passes through the top grid after heating, reducing the obstruction, maximizing the heat output, and increasing the heat dissipation by 5%.

Curved high density fin

The convection plate has a curved and high-density design to speed up the air convection speed and ensure maximum heat output, which is 10% higher than the heat dissipation value of the same type of steel radiator.

European design

HARDER steel plate radiator.

Energy saving and environmental protection

HARDER intelligent temperature-controlled radiators heat up quickly, saving 15-25% more energy than traditional heating methods, and 100% recycling of the overall material.

Efficient heat dissipation

The HARDER intelligent temperature-controlled radiator has excellent heat dissipation, and it has an efficient heat dissipation even in low-temperature heating conditions.

Wide range of heat sources

HARDER intelligent temperature-controlled radiators are not only suitable for high-temperature heat sources such as ordinary wall-mounted boilers and central heating, but also suitable for heat pumps and low-temperature heat sources such as condensing boilers.

High comfort

Uniform ambient temperature and fast and flexible temperature control allow users to enjoy the most suitable temperature regardless of daily activities or sleep. If you can easily set the sleep temperature 1-2 ° C lower than the daily temperature.