How to maximize the effect of plate radiator
The plate radiator produced by our company has the advantage of energy saving. In terms of material selection, the use of materials with good thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation can make the plate radiator more thermally efficient. Secondly, it is necessary to install a constant temperature device and use flexible control equipment. The purpose of constant temperature and energy saving.
Our company's new type of high-efficiency energy-saving radiator product: plate radiator is highly decorative, although it is small in size, it has excellent heat dissipation effect, which can effectively reduce the volume occupied by the room. The plate radiator is beneficial to improve the utilization rate of the space and maximize the indoor comfort. Steel plate radiator products are not only elegant and generous, but also widely used in various industries. When using a plate radiator, it is often encountered that the radiator is not hot, resulting in a decrease in heat dissipation efficiency. So how to improve the heat dissipation effect of the steel plate radiator: First of all, we must pay attention to the large amount of space in the plate radiator, which is the biggest factor that causes poor heat dissipation efficiency. Secondly, the water inlet and outlet must be connected correctly, not the other way around, and high-quality pipes and plate radiators must be used.