How to choose the size and material of the radiator
The material of the radiator is different, and the production process will be different. Moreover, the radiator produced by high-tech and advanced equipment has better performance and longer service life, which brings more life enjoyment to users, and the price will automatically Higher than low-tech radiators. Looking at the heating market in my country, there are many production companies, but the level is uneven. There are fewer companies with high scale and high production technology, and more are small companies and small workshops. They are composed of three or five people. The equipment and technology are backward, and the product technology is backward. The content is low, and it is difficult to guarantee the service. Therefore, in my country's plate radiator market, the price of radiators is different, and there is a great disparity, and no fundamental solution can be obtained in a short period of time.
Although the plate radiator can be customized at will, and the size can be selected at will, the heating system has a certain technical content after all. If the plate radiator is installed with problems, it is prone to problems such as water leakage in the later stage, which will bring hidden dangers to family property and personal safety, and it may also It will affect the performance of the normal heat dissipation performance, making people very annoying. Therefore, we recommend that users should be measured on the spot by professionals and designed reasonably to ensure the safe use of the radiator and maximize the heat dissipation efficiency.
Under normal circumstances, the heating designer will determine the height and width of the radiator according to the heat demand of the room, placement, room orientation, decoration style and heat dissipation of each plate radiator. For example, in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows and large bay windows, low radiators should be installed under the windows, which can effectively use the space, facilitate the balanced heat dissipation of the radiators, and achieve both heating and decoration. Judging from the response of Ruihuat users, most people currently choose higher sizes such as 1500mm and 1600mm in the living room and bedroom, and use 600mm high radiators or special bathroom radiators in the kitchen and bathroom.