Don't wait until the heating is near to remember that you should install a radiator
The radiator is an indispensable heating device in winter. Is your home ready before heating comes? It is catching up with the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" radiator sales season, many consumers are really anxious, why? Because the heating period is approaching in November, and there is still a month left, the editor of Hadley’s radiator reminds everyone to buy and install radiators as early as possible. First, let’s give you a popular science why you can’t buy radiators any longer. :
The average time from the purchase of the radiator to the completion of the installation is about fifteen to twenty days. The radiator is not as simple as a commodity bought in the supermarket. Can it be used after buying it back? That’s impossible. First, order different sets of radiators according to the size of each person’s family. In addition, it’s the peak season for radiator sales. The pressure on radiator processing and production is much greater than usual. A conservative estimate is about five to ten days. , Plus the time taken for packaging and transportation, the installation will also take about two days. If it is faster, it can be completed in about a day. In this way, it will take fifteen to twenty days from the purchase of the radiator to the completion of the installation. Seeing that there is still one month before the heating period, are friends who are ready to start radiators in a hurry?
When is the radiator installed?
The best time for radiator installation 1: The best time for heating equipment renovation is before or after central heating, and March to November is the best time. Since the pipes for domestic heating must be laid at the beginning of the renovation, the number and location of indoor radiators must be planned in advance at the beginning of the renovation. It is necessary for a professional heating manufacturer to plan the location and location of the heating in accordance with the actual situation of the owner’s home. Quantity. After the heating is installed, it should be filled with water, suppressed, and observed for leaks, not hot, etc., and the original drawing of the heating pipeline circuit should be kept, so that photos can be taken for future maintenance.
The best time for radiator installation 2: If the heating equipment needs to be modified, it is better to modify and install before the heating test. At the same time, design the location of the heater and the size of the heater before reforming the heater. Generally, select and customize the heater style and color that users like based on the measurement results, and then remove the original heater to install new valves. If the heating is in a mobile location, or if there is a concealed pipe for the bathroom and kitchen heating, you need to slot and change the pipe in advance to do the waterproofing and tile work, and then you must find a professional who has the qualification of plumbing to carry out the transformation, the so-called three Install seven points for each product.
Hadry radiator editor reminds everyone: Don’t wait until the heating is near to remember whether you should install a radiator.