Air conditioner or radiator, which one is economical?
The winter in the south is wet and cold. From hot water bottles, to air conditioners, heaters, and radiators in recent years, southerners use a variety of ways to heat. Split air conditioners and radiators are the way most southern families spend the winter. What are the advantages of these two heating methods in terms of comfort, heating effect and cost of use? Let’s take a look with Xiaoen!
The most important thing for the new human beings is health. Next, we will compare it from the perspective of health. The fractional air conditioner will take away part of the water vapor in the air during operation, which will easily make the population thirsty and cause physical discomfort. In this respect, it successfully highlights the advantages of radiator heating. People usually think that the suitable temperature for feet is 24℃, and the suitable temperature for head is 20℃. However, the temperature of the radiator installed in the height range of 15 cm from the ground is 8 to 13 ℃ higher than that of the traditional convection heating method, which can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and have a health care effect on the body.
For Xiaoen of Moonlight, cost is also a major issue that must be considered. Because independent air conditioners run entirely on electrical energy, they need to consume a lot of electrical energy. Generally speaking, a house of 100 square meters needs to install 4 split air conditioners. Running together will consume a lot of energy. Many families use them only when they feel very cold. Radiator heating takes a room of 100 square meters as an example. In the southern heating season, the heating cost is less than 2,000 yuan, and maintenance and repair are almost unnecessary.
Finally, let's compare comfort. The traditional split air conditioner is installed on the side above the wall. It will fill the room with hot air quickly when heating, but it is easy to produce uneven heating and cooling, and most of the heat is in the space above the person's head. Sometimes, the open temperature is already high, but the indoor feel is still not warm and the comfort is not good. The hot air heated by the radiator is emitted from the feet, and the indoor temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, which just meets the health environmental standards and the physiological requirements of "cooling the head and warming the feet" in Chinese medicine, and it is very comfortable.
In comparison, Xiaoen prefers radiators. How about you? Which do you like?