How to clean and clean the filter of steel radiator

Installation of steel radiator heating is also necessary to clean and maintain frequently. The first is to clean the radiator filter. The filter is the key point for the radiator cleaning. Because the radiator filter is not cleaned in time, it is easy to cause the heating pipeline to circulate poorly. The flow rate that affects the hot water in the radiator reduces the release of heat. Let me talk about the following four steps in the steel radiator cleaning:
Steel radiator
How to clean and clean the filter of steel radiator
(1) Close the radiator inlet valve and the outlet valve;
(2) Find the location of the radiator filter. A radiator filter is installed between the heating meter and the radiator inlet valve;
(3) Unscrew the plug with a wrench, take out the filter net, rinse it out, install it again, and tighten the plug;
(4) Open all the valves, and after hearing the obvious sound of running water, the radiator can be heated again.
Avoid the scale inside the steel radiator, this does not need to be cleaned by yourself, because the problem of water leakage caused by the cleaning of the radiator. If the temperature of the radiator in the home drops or there is abnormal noise in the radiator, it is recommended that the user can find a professional to wash the inside of the radiator.